Internet of Things
Innovation Ecosystem

Drive new collaborative IoT business models and market developments to
foster the European IoT digital economy in a global perspective, through the
creation of an interoperable and secure ecosystem of established and
emerging IoT solutions and approaches.

Internet of Things
Value Co-Creation

IoT value co-creation strategy brings together different IoT ecosystem
stakeholders focusing on IoT interoperable solutions/applications, customer
experience and interactive relationships by allowing and encouraging an active
involvement from the stakeholders, in order to jointly produce a mutually valued
outcome and create a value rich experience.

Internet of Things
Business Models

IoT business models are developing along the digital value chain considering
the heterogeneity of devices, networks, platforms and stakeholders involved
in various IoT ecosystems. Sensing/actuating edge devices, IoT connectivity
embedded, alliances between network service and the vertical technology
providers, IoT data brokers, networked ecosystems.

Internet of Things

Cooperation framework for combining IoT initiatives and projects internal and
external ideas as well as internal and external paths to market to advance the
development of new IoT technologies. Used to gather information and improve
networking among key stakeholders in particular IoT applications.

Internet of Things
Open Platforms

Connections are secure and private. Each device is given a
unique identity so that it can be contacted directly.

Internet of Things Open
Education Platform

Cooperative initiative to support creative and collaborative integration of the IoT
hardware/computing/communication/software technologies and IoT platforms in the
educational curriculum and on-line web seminars using hardware and software tools
that can be programmed and therefore customized by students and developers in
order to create various IoT applications in different sectors.

The Open Education Platform is available at:

See the OEP infographics to get more details (17/09/2018)!

Internet of Things

Standards enable innovation, are key for interoperability, may improve safety and
security, and are drivers for emergence of new markets, facilitate introduction of
IoT technologies and enhance competition. IoT standardisation and can help to
“de-verticalize“ industry by sharing inter-operation of tools and technology, while
reducing the development and deployment costs for IoT applications.

European and

Establish appropriate relations with entities from Europe and various
countries (China, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, US, etc.) on a mutually
beneficial, reciprocal basis (exchange of experiences, definition of
strategic research needs).


The following deliverables have been made available by the UNIFY-IoT consortium:



About us

UNIFY-IoT is the “working partner” of the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI)
and the Internet of Things European Research Cluster (IERC) by coordinating and supporting
the activities on innovation ecosystems, IoT standardisation, Policy Issues, Research and Innovation.

UNIFY-IoT project is part of the IoT-EPI initiative. Get all news, events and developments from IoT-EPI projects on the initiative’s website.

Project’ objectives are to stimulate the collaboration between IoT projects, potential IoT platforms and support

these in sustaining the IoT ecosystems, by focusing on complementary actions, e.g.,
fostering and accelerating the acceptance of IoT technology as well as the means to
understand and overcome obstacles for IoT deployment and value creation.